Dandelioness Herbals Product List

This is a list of remedies and bodycare products available through Dandelioness Herbals, depending on the season and availability.   Products are handmade in small batches.  Please inquire to see what's currently in stock.

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My herbal concoctions are all handmade in small batches, using primarily local and abundant plants grown and harvested by hand from my garden, the fields and woodlands of land in Vermont (U.S.), or at my family's farm in Central Maine. Most ingredients are local, organic, fair-trade, made by worker's collectives, or otherwise from the most ethical source I can find.
I am passionate about health justice and my ever-evolving product list, which changes from season to season, reflects my vision for accessible and empowering health care. Throughout the process of growing medicinal plants, harvesting herbs, washing roots, choosing ingredients, making remedies, and the bottling and labeling of my tinctures, elixirs, syrups, salves, flower essences, lip balms, and other herbal products, I reflect upon, learn about, and give thanks to those who've come before, those that are here now, and those that are to come that are a part of the ever-changing movements towards liberation. My hope is that my creations are a part of creating/supporting a culture of self-care and collective-care based on mutual care, collaboration, appreciation for our bodies, and taking the time to rejuvenate ourselves and each other. Whether we're organizing for migrant justice and universal health care, raising children, menstruating, taking exams and writing papers, and/or giving care to elders, may we find ways in our personal lives and within movements for social justice and the other circles/worlds that we move between to help nourish and sustain ourselves and each other so that we can be in it for the long haul! 

If you're seeking a particular remedy that you don't see listed here, please be in touch, as I may have it in my apothecary. Certain products are available locally through:

-Checkerberry Brook Farm Stand, Open seasonally Tues-Friday 2-6pm 
Small-scale farmers, herbalists, and crafters offer: fresh produce, ice cream sandwiches, 
herbal remedies, handmade baskets, maple syrup, wood products, drinks, eggs, and more.
252 High St,on Route 2 in Plainfield by the Rassasy food cart & Black Bear Biodieseljust across from the Post Office.  802-454-1478On Facebook here.

-Nutty Steph's Chocolate Shop 961C US Route 2 Middlesex, VT 802-229-2090 sales@nuttystephs.com 

-Frances McManus, Reflexologist White River Junction, VT 802-299-5907

Plant medicine has always been the people's medicine! I have provided a sliding scale to make these herbal remedies accessible, where people pay what they are able on the scale. If the prices are out of your reach, please let me know and we can make an arrangement. Likewise, if you find these prices less than you're willing to pay for homegrown, homemade herbal remedies, feel free to pay a bit more to support my work. A portion of my garden and remedies will always be devoted to community health and donated to community health projects. To place an order, to inquire about shipping costs, or if you have any other questions, please email me at: dandelion778 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Free the Land!

Chocolate Spice Elixir at the Chocolate Ritual and Dessert Feast on Valentine's 
evening. Mugwort Elixir, Damiana Elixir, and Crampease. Making "Speak Truth! Throat Spray" during the Epyptian People's Uprising!
Blends and Elixirs 
Calm The Rage~ to cool hot emotions.  Fresh ME & VT Rosa Rugosa rose petals, fresh VT Violet leaf, fresh VT Milky Oat Tops, and fresh VT Skullcap leaf and flower, Brandy, VT Honey, and Hollyhock flower essence.
Chocolate Spice Elixir ~ a warming aphrodisiac, a warming blend to stir you up. Damiana, fresh Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, local Cayenne, Brandy, Water, fair-trade Cocoa, fair-trade Sugar, and Vanilla extract.
Crampease Blend~ to ease menstrual cramps. Made with VT & ME Valerian root, Crampbark, VT Milky oat tops, VT Lady’s Mantle, ME & VT Rose petals, Ginger root, Alcohol, and local Maple syrup. (Please indicate if you prefer VT Skullcap rather than Valerian.)
Damiana Elixir ~ a relaxing aphrodisiac blend that heightens the senses. Damiana, Brandy, VT Spring water, and local Honey.
Elderberry Ginger Elixir ~ for immune support to prevent getting sick or to boost your immune system and speed recovery if you already are sick. VT Elderberries, fresh Ginger root, VT Honey, Brandy, Organic Grain Alcohol, and Yarrow flower essence.
Heart Elixir~ to open, heal, and protect the heart. VT & ME Rosa Rugosa petals, local Hawthorn berries, Brandy, local Maple syrup, and Flower essences of Hawthorn from Ireland, Johnny Jump-up/Heartsease Pansy, Magenta Lotus, and Yarrow. Please click here for more info.
Mugwort Elixir~ -to invoke vivid dreams and a connection with the moon. VT Mugwort, Brandy, VT Spring water, local Honey, and Mugwort flower essence.
Relaxing Bitters ~ to take before meals to promote good digestion. VT Dandelion root, VT Skullcap, VT & ME Lavender, alcohol, and water.
Roots Tonic ~ to support the liver. VT Dandelion, Burdock and Yellowdock roots, Alcohol, and Dandelion flower essence.
Tulsi Elixir ~ a delicious and sacred herb with immune enhancing properties that also helps us adapt to stress. Fresh VT Tulsi leaf and flowers infused in Brandy and local Honey.
The Daytime Coughing Hacking Chest Congestion Get This Stuff Out of My Lungs So I Can Function Medicine ~ a soothing expectorant blendVT Mullein, VT Coltsfoot, VT Plantain, and VT Lungwort leaves in Brandy.
Speak Truth! Throat Spray ~ mist this spray as needed to soothe a dry, irritated, and/or sore throat. Egyptian Licorice root, VT Sage leaf, VT Oregano, VT Thyme, VT Hyssop leaf, alcohol, water, and local Honey. Made during the people's uprising in Egypt with gratitude for Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, Mumia Abu-Jamal of Prison Radio, Ida B. Wells, and the many other whistleblowers and truth tellers who’ve taken great risk to raise their voice against injustices and have created space for others' voices to be heard. Please see Americans Who Tell the Truth: A Collection of Portraits and Quotes.
Whole Echinacea Immune Boost ~ strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and lymph-mover for immune strength.  Fresh Vermont Echinacea root, leaf, flower, seed, and bud, Alcohol, and Water. 

A Mullein stalk near blooming, Usnea lichen (a symbiotic relationship
between a fungus and algae), Hops strobiles, and Echinacea in winter.
Single Tinctures
Please inquire for current list of available single tincture. Custom blends are also available. Please let me know the list of herbs you'd like, including proportions if you have a preference.

Ashwaghanda root, Black haw, Blue vervain, Burdock root, Burdock seed, California poppy (see note below), Chaga mushroom, Chickweed, Cleavers, Coltsfoot, Crampbark, Dandelion root, Dandelion flower, Dandelion whole plant (root, leaf, and flower) Dong quai,* Echinacea whole plant (leaf, flower, root, bud & seed), Elderflower, Elecampane root, Feverfew, Ginger root,* Goldenrod, Gotu kola, Hawthorne berries, Hops, Hyssop, Kava kava root* (with coconut milk), Lady’s mantle, Lavender bee balm (Monarda fistulosa), Lemon balm, Licorice root,* Lobelia, Nettle, Meadowsweet, Milky oats, Motherwort, Mugwort, Oregano, Plantain, Poke root, Queen Anne’s Lace (aka Wild Carrot, seed +/or flower), Reishi mushroom, Shepard’s purse, Skullcap, Spilanthes, St. Johnswort buds, Sweet Annie, Thyme, Tulsi (aka Holy Basil or Sacred Basil), Usnea, Vitex berry*, Wild lettuce, Wood betony (Staychys), Yarrow, and Yellow dock root.

All above tinctures can be blended according to your wishes. I have limited quantities of other tinctures as well. Please ask if you're looking for a particular one that you don't see listed. The California poppy tincture is made in honor of former US Political Prisoner Marilyn Buck, who recently passed away, and comes with a copy of her poem "Wild Poppies."

Freshly harvested Coltsfoot, Mullein, Plantain, and Lungwort leaves for the "Daytime Hacking..." Blend, Double headed Dandelion blossom, and Burdock in bloom.

Liniments (intended for external use) 
Woodland Liniment~ to bring relief to those with tendonitis and pain from repetitive motion. Dried Solomon Seal root, fresh VT & ME St.Johnswort buds, fresh VT Gotu Kola leaf, fresh Turmeric root, and Alcohol.
Comfrey Liniment~ to relieve joint inflammation and help heal bone injuries. Fresh VT Comfrey root and brandy. Liniment’s consistency is more like oil than alcohol.

The roots and leaves of Iron Building Syrup. Juicing elderberries for
a batch of "
All Power to the People! Eldercampane Syrup."

Syrups (please keep refrigerated)  Inquire for current list of available syrups. 
Iron Building Syrup~ nourishing herbs to build your blood’s iron level, important for those with menstrual cycles. ME Dandelion root, ME & VT Burdock root, VT Yellow dock root, VT Dandelion leaf, ME & VT Raspberry leaf, VT and Irish Nettle leaf, water, local Honey, fair-trade black strap Molasses, Black cherry concentrate, VT Hawthorne berry tincture (contains alcohol).
All Power to the People! Eldercampane Syrup~ a delicious, anti-viral syrup to speed recovery during cold and flu season. Fresh VT Elderberries, dried ME Elecampane root, fresh Ginger, Cinnamon, water, local Honey, VT Apple Cider Vinegar, and whole Echinacea tincture (root, leaf, flower, and seed, contains alcohol), fresh squeezed Lime juice, and Self-Heal flower essence. This recipe was created on the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton and made with gratitude in honor of all those who’ve organized for community health!
Elecampane Deep Lung Syrup~ a decongesting syrup, especially for deep lung conditions. ME Elecampane root, local Honey, water, ME Elecampane tincture (contains alcohol).
Yarrow for protection in many manifestations, St. Johnswort with its affinity for the sun, and a "Lip Balms for Social Justice" workshop (more info coming soon!) - the lip balms we make together travel from Vermont down to No More Deaths/No Mas Muertes in Arizona.

Salves and Balms 
Global Citizen Salve ~ an all-purpose first aid salve for cuts, burns, scrapes, and dry skin. VT Calendula flowers, VT & ME Yarrow flower and leaf, fair-trade Palestinian and organic Olive oils, local beeswax, and Self-Heal flower essence. Formulated especially for No More Deaths/No Más Muertes, a humanitarian aid organization that provides emergency 1st aid care for those crossing the border from Mexico into AZ.
Tigress Balm~ a warming balm to soothe sore, strained muscles. VT Arnica blossoms, VT Dandelion blossom, Ginger root, VT Lobelia leaf and seedpod, ME & VT St. Johnswort buds infused in Olive and Sesame oils, fair-trade Shea butter, VT beeswax, Dandelion flower essence, and a blend of Essential oils.

Blending the oils for Tigress Balm, red St. Johnswortoil bleeding into the amber-colored oils.

Lip Balms
Around the World Lip Balm ~ a smooth blend to soothe dry lips made with ingredients from near and afar. ME & VT & Irish herbs infused in fair-trade Palestinian and organic Olive oils, fair-trade Shea butter from Burkina Faso, Cocoa Butter from Jamaica and Mexico, VT beeswax, and Essential oils. Please indicate flavor: Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Lavender, Rose, and Unscented (Cocoa Butter).
Herbal Lip Gloss ~ an herbal red-tinted lip gloss with your choice of aphrodisiac scents. Alkanet root and local Calendula, fair-trade Palestinian Olive oil, Coconut oil, local Beeswax, and Essential oil. 

Infused Oils
Please inquire about the current list of limited quantities of infused oils, such as Calendula-Yarrow and Comfrey.

Flower Essences 
These flower essences are available as remedy bottles.  If you prefer a stock bottles, which you can further dilute into remedy bottles, please let me know.  Directions included upon request.

Yarrow Flower Essence ­– Yarrow flower essence (in a water and brandy base) helps strengthen our boundaries. Especially good for those who are quite sensitive and absorb the stress around them. This remedy can help support teachers, health practitioners/healers, counselors, caregivers, and others who work in emotionally/energetically intimate situations. And a must for those who work on the computer and for Facebook addicts. 

The following homemade flower essences can be bottled on their own (preserved with brandy), or added to single tinctures or blends: Blue Vervain, Corn, Dandelion, Furze/Gorse (from Ireland), Johnny Jump-up/Heartsease Pansy, Hawthorn (from Ireland), Hollyhock (pink), Alchemilla/Lady’s Mantle dew, Magenta Lotus, Milkweed, Mugwort, Sunflower, Yarrow. Please let me know if you'd like to know more about these flowers.

Fresh summertime Rose petal harvest at the farm, creating Heart Elixir,
and infusing Rose petals in Coconut oil for the Love It Up Rose Salt Scrub.

Herbal Bodycare

Love It Up Rose Salt Scrub~ A gorgeously smooth rose-scented body scrub to massage in before bathing - exfoliates and softens skin, great for re*connecting with your skin in winter! Sea salt, Rose petals infused in Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, and Rose otto (essential oil in Jojoba oil), and Flower essences. 
Flax Lube Finally! A slippery, fun, and truly lubricant! (Note: Though this is a water-based extract, it has not yet been scientifically proven to be latex-friendly. This product is free of preservatives, it keeps for a couple weeks in the fridge or can be frozen in ice cube trays and used when desired) Organic Flax seed, Spring water, (optional: Cinnamon). Choose flavor: Original or light Cinnamon. 
ROSE LOVE! Heart Healing Gift Basket One 1oz Heart elixir; One 4 oz Love It Up Rose Salt Scrub; and One Lip Balm or Lip Gloss (specify type & flavor). 
SELF-CARE KIT: For Emotional First Aid One 1oz Heart Elixir, One 10z Tulsi Elixir, One ½ oz Yarrow flower essence, Two Rose Relaxation Bath Fizzies (Ingredients: Baking soda, Non-GMO Cornstarch, Citric acid, ME & VT Rose petals infused in Coconut oil, homemade Tulsi hydrosol, Rose petals, Flower essences and Essential oils.)  Yes, substitutions are definitely allowed! You can choose any two 1oz Elixirs/Blends and any ½ oz Flower Essence to go with your Bath Fizzies.

Zines are self-published photo-copied booklets created to share information.

Mana Culture: Self-Care for Menstrual Health by Dana L Woodruff 

Ask First!: Resources for Supporters, Survivors, and Perpetrators of Sexual Assault by Cheyenne of the Wench Collective 

Empower Yr Sexy Self: A Workbook by Cheyenne of the Wench Collectives 

From The Ground Up: A New Compilation Zine on Herbalism for Everyone (also available free online here)

HPV by The Down There Health Collective (also available free online here)

Nourishing Endometriosis by Alhena Katsoff 

The classic Hot Pantz: Do It Yourself Gynecology and Herbal Remedies 
Please be in touch about Herbal Products, Herbal & Health Workshops, and other questions.  Thanks!

*These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Seek advice of an experienced practitioner.

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