Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hope! Because Sometimes We Need Some Help: another Wake Robin Botanicals and Dandelioness Herbals collaboration

"Wake Robin Botanicals & Dandelioness Herbals have been working hard to collect some videos of inspiration & laughter. It took many grueling hours to vet all the videos that came our way! :) May this help with some giggles, hope & inspiration when you may be feeling overwhelmed or sad. Enjoy!"

This is in *no way* pressure to feel happy when you're down in the dumps.  Sometimes we just want to be sad, grumpy, depressed, frustrated, irritable, etc, and these are all a part of the full range of human emotions.  However these blog posts are for the times when we're feeling a bit stagnant and wanna shift our mood, or when we just wanna watch cute kitty/penguin videos and add a bit of "YES!!"-ness in our day
! Feel free to post more suggestions below in the comments.  Enjoy!

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Penguin Sympathy Solidarity

Instructions For A Bad Day by Shane Koyczan

I also feel inspired when I see dancing videos (especially people dancing together, in flashmobs and such)!

Six-year-old B-Girl Terra 

More by this crew above here.  There are more instructional dancing videos of the One Billion Rising flashmob on my previous blog post here.

For more critter videos on the Wake Robin Botanicals' "Hope! Because sometimes we need some help" post, click here.

Furze/Gorse on the West Coast of Ireland.  Furze/Gorse is "good for what ails you" and it's also said that "Kissing's out of fashion when the furze is out of bloom."  (Note: Furze is *always* in bloom)  I love this plant's hopefull, vibrant, golden radiance, especially for gloomy, rainy days or anytime I'm feeling under the weather.  More info here.

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