Monday, February 13, 2012

Dandelioness Herbals has an Etsy Shop!

I'm pleased to announce that Dandelioness Herbals now has an Etsy Shop, where you can purchase hand-made herbal remedies online. While I love sharing my herbal products that are made mostly from local, hand-harvested medicinal plants with other people within my bioregion, I also love creating care packages for those who live faraway. And in these times when the US Postal Service is under fire, I love support postal workers! Each Etsy posting can have up to 5 photos and provides a lot of space for me to write descriptions about individual plants, their medicinal properties, and the process of making the remedy. I've also been collaborating with other local herbalists to create gift baskets, such as the Valentine Gift Basket and the Be Well Basket for Immune Health.


My herbal concoctions are all handmade in small batches, using primarily local and abundant plants grown and harvested by hand from my garden, the fields and woodlands of land in VT (U.S.), or at my family's farm in Central Maine. Most ingredients are local, organic, fair-trade, made by worker's collectives, or otherwise from the most ethical source I can find.

I am passionate about health justice and my ever-evolving product list, which changes from season to season, reflects my vision for accessible and empowering health care. Throughout the process of growing medicinal plants, harvesting herbs, washing roots, choosing ingredients, making remedies, and the bottling and labeling of my tinctures, elixirs, syrups, salves, flower essences, lip balms, and other herbal products, I reflect upon, learn about, and give thanks to those who've come before, those that are here now, and those that are to come that are a part of the ever-changing movements towards liberation. My hope is that my creations are a part of creating/supporting a culture of self-care and collective-care based on mutual care, collaboration, appreciation for our bodies, and taking the time to rejuvenate ourselves and each other. Whether we're organizing for migrant justice and universal health care, raising children, menstruating, taking exams and writing papers, and/or giving care to elders, may we find ways in our personal lives and within movements for social justice and the other circles/worlds that we move between to help nourish and sustain ourselves and each other so that we can be in it for the long haul!

Here's some of what you'll find on the DandelionessHerbals etsy site:

(fyi - Sometimes it can be tricky to find what you're seeking on etsy - you can find DandelionessHerbals etsy shop through this link, or by searching danalwoodruff under 'people' or DandelionessHerbals under 'shop' (both have no spaces between the letters!)

The Be Well Basket for Immune Health, a collaboration between Samhain Herbs,
Mountain Cultures, Dandelioness Herbals, and Kaleid Botanicals, with Elderberry Syrup, Fire Cider, Speak Truth! Throat Spray, and Medicinal Soup Satchel, all resting in a bed of pine curls in a one-of-a-kind, reusable basket made out of old record covers! Hooray for community health!

The Self Care Kit: for emotional first aid was created with the intention of
preventing burn-out and helping to promote a culture of self-care and collective-
care. It contains: *Heart Elixir: to open, heal, and protect the heart 
(please see Heart Elixir blog post)*Tulsi Elixir *Yarrow Flower Essence 
for clear and strong boundaries and *Rose Relaxation Bath Fizzies
(Substitutions are definitely allowed to create your own personalized Self-Care Kit).

Speak Truth! Throat Spray is made with gratitude in honor of whistle blowers and truth tellers, past, present, and future! This remedy was formulated during the people's uprising in Egypt, using Egyptian Licorice root and a blend of herbs from my garden - hand-harvested VT Sage leaf, VT Oregano leaf, VT Thyme leaft and flower, and VT Hyssop leaf and flower, infused together in Brandy, and then blended with a Licorice root syrup made with local VT Honey. For more info see: SPEAK TRUTH Throat Spray: antiviral, antibacterial, and soothing and Americans Who Tell the Truth, a collection of portraits and quotes by Robert Shetterly.

Chocolate Spice Elixir is a warming aphrodisiac to stir you up. Made with a
combination of herbs and spices that have traditionally been used as aphrodisiacs
and to promote circulation, infused in brandy and blended with a homemade chocolate
syrup made with fair trade ingredients.

Mugwort Elixir: to invoke vivid dreams and a connection with the moon.

Valentine - or Anytime - Gift Basket contains hand-milled Olive oil soap and handmade Rose-scented Cone Incense from the Gardens of Seven Gables and your choice of Chocolate Spice Elixir or Heart Elixir from Dandelioness Herbals.

Thanks so much for the support!

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